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Best Tips That Help Keep Your Truck Sparkly Clean

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Best Tips That Help Keep Your Truck Sparkly Clean.

One of the most important rules business managers learn is that image is everything, and that includes the physical image of the site of the company, its managers, workers, offices, products, and vehicles. That’s why companies that use heavy machinery and trucks in their main field of business need to make sure that their fleet of trucks are regularly cleaned and taken care of since a truck’s hygiene can say a lot about the company and the quality of its services. Moreover, dirty trucks reduce their functionality with time, while regular cleaning improves fuel economy and takes care of the truck’s mechanical system.

Here are Six of the Best Tips to Include in Your Next Truck Cleaning Session:

1- The right order for washing and cleaning a six-wheeler is starting from the top to the bottom of the body, making sure all the dirt is being pushed down and away from the chassis of the truck and not getting back to the top if you washed it from the bottom to the top.

2- Wash the Cab exteriors and thoroughly clean them with the right equipment to avoid ineffective washing or exterior or even interior damage. Always use a high-pressure power washer to pulverize the dirt and debris but make sure to limit the pressure to 1200- 1900 psi to avoid any paint or chassis damage. You might also need to use a special vehicle cleaning soap such as “Armor All Car Wash Formula” to ensure that your truck will be thoroughly cleaned without any “after-wash” spots.

3- Avoid washing in direct sunlight because the heat of the sunlight will dry up the soap and you will end up with a glossy looking exterior that is very unpleasant to look at, and it can even make your truck dirtier since dried up soap can cause dust and dirt to stick and build-up, making matters worse for your truck fleet.

4- Make sure to clean your truck’s windows and mirrors, indeed in the shade too, using a window cleaning agent that is effective on vehicle glass, those are usually recommended by trucks’ manufacturers such as Driven Extreme Duty Glass Cleaner, do not forget about the shade though, as these agents could stain your glass if you leave them to dry up in the direct sunlight.

5- Wash the tires and add a shining finish at the end and after drying, use a mixture that is suitable and gentle on the tires. Shining the tires and cleaning them is important because you’d be able to remove stuck dirt and salts on the tires which provide more grip while driving and protect your tires from premature corrosion.

6- At the end of your truck cleaning session, add a polymer wax layer, this can help protect your truck’s body paint and keep it looking shiny and new for the longest time possible, especially when dealing with a whole fleet of trucks that can’t be washed daily or even weekly.

Those tips can save you time, protect your truck, and your business’s image and reputation, and even save money by keeping your truck healthy for as long as you can go. Don’t forget that both customers and competitors are looking for flaws in your service and you always want to present top-notch quality and perfection!