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Why is cleaning your storefront important?
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Your storefront is a representative of your brand and service. If it was unkempt and dirty, that would negatively affect your customers’ impressions of you and would negatively advertise your store. Hence, we advise you to keep up with regular routine cleaning of your storefront, and that is for many non-negotiable reasons for the success of your brand.

  • Customer In-Store Experience:

Clients shouldn’t be distracted by the debris and dust that is plaguing your store and storefront; instead they should be focused on the reason they visited you, and for that, we offer power washing and power cleaning services at Pro Prestige all over Montreal!

  • Clean Storefronts Provide Safety

Cleanliness and high maintenance contribute to safety, so maintaining your storefront’s hygiene provides safety and security to clients and makes it more likely for people to be willing to spend money at your store.

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Clean stores attract eyes and attention. It improves their visibility and recognition among competitive stores and businesses and adds more value. But most importantly, it attracts customers from different backgrounds and for different intentions and reasons. This by itself is a strong advertising boost for your brand just by regularly cleaning and maintaining your store’s hygiene.

  • Regular washing is preferable to a once-in-a-while cleaning:

Having a professional cleaning company like Pro Prestige clean your storefront on a regular basis is far less expensive than paying to clean your store once a season or even once a year because all it requires is a bit of regular, consistent maintenance that would cost far less, especially with our professional power washing team at Pro Prestige all across Quebec in Canada.

But then it comes down to how to efficiently clean your storefront then.

While it is better for you to lift this weight off your shoulders and give the task to us, we still discuss some of the techniques and steps we use and implement with our great customers so that we keep everything under control and earn credibility and trust.

One of the important steps we apply is using high water pressure cleaning with the latest and most efficient power hoses on the market to ensure that every bit of dust is pulverized, then we head into cleaning the windows with a strip washer and special solvents that provide that crispy reflective shine on your windows. With our service, it can last you a longer than usual period of time. Indeed, we don’t forget about the inside of the storefront glass as well, to make sure that the job is done to the last bit, then dry the whole storefront and glass efficiently!

Remember, your storefront is just as important as your logo and your name to the brand, it really can manipulate your reputation to better or worse if the right steps weren’t executed firmly to keep your store and storefront well cared for. That’s why we at Pro Prestige specialize in power cleaning storefronts with detailing and extra services that you won’t find elsewhere in Montreal, offer you the opportunity to keep your brand’s reputation unstained and crispy clean!