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4650 Bd des Grandes-Prairies, Saint-Léonard, QC H1R 1A1, Canada
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Explore our Residential and Commercial Services. From cleaning a simple car rim and engine, to polishing up your vehicle’s interior and exterior. For all Business owners out there: You call, we clean!
Residential Services

From your personal car, truck or yacht, Pro Prestige cover all your residential needs with cost-studied plans and offers. Our experts will never let you down.

Commercial Services

Commercial Services start from small businesses reaching huge enterprises that are looking for professional game changing look. Whether you have a couple of vehicles or storefronts to clean, Pro Prestige is always ready.

list of our
Featured Services
Automotive aesthetics
  • Interior and exterior washing & refurbishment.
  • Motor shampoo.
  • Decontamination and protective waxing.
  • Paint polishing.
  • Headlights restoration and polishing.
Recreational & Heavy Vehicles Wash
  • All car detailing services.
  • Polishing and paint sealer, with wax option.
  • Deoxidation and degreasing of engine blocks.
  • Deoxidation and treatment of exposed parts.
Storefronts & Buildings Cleaning
  • Paving stones, concrete, steel structures and cement slabs.
  • Cleaning of doors, windows, signs and windows.
  • Brick cleaning.
  • Graffiti cleaning.
Marine wash & Detailing Services
  • Marine detailing and waxing services.
  • Interior and exterior cleaning.
  • Engine Cleaning and deoxidation.
  • Deoxidation and body treatment.
Areas Covered
Detailing Services
Happy Customers
Why Choose pRo prestige

Pro Prestige will take your request and prioritize your case. Customer’s satisfaction is what made us build our successful career.

Pro Prestige team members are all trained, qualified and specialized in their tasks. Knowing how critical their job is motivates their passion and hard work to their maximum level.

Knowing how small start-ups pushed their best to differentiate, Pro Prestige will always support small business to reach their potential. We are dedicated to offer best plans that fit each business or individual.

Once you contact Pro Prestige sales team, they are specialized in cost analysis and project estimation with accurate frameworks and milestones. You will receive free estimation for your requested service.


    Qualified Specialists
    Pro Prestige team members are well trained specialists that are committed to deliver various of detailing and cleaning services.
    Extraordinary Services
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    Weekly News and Tips that will keep you up to date and will definitely save your investment.
    pro prestige canada cleaning services portable trailer
    How to Clean your Mobile Home/House Trailer

    Cleaning your mobile home is essential to keep your safe house clean and ready for long trips on the road, and now is the best time to get these trailers cleaned up before the spring season in Montreal, where everyone wants to celebrate by going out on a road trip with their families and having fun.