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Car Detailing: All You Need to Know

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Car Detailing: All You Need to Know

Defining Car Detailing: 

Think of an old rusty car that you’d probably look at and say “there’s no way on earth this engine can turn back on”. Then comes the detailing professional, and the best here in Quebec in such a field, our Pro Prestige Crew, will recondition the rustiest car back to it’s authentic look and performance. That’s all thanks to modern tech, skills, and experience in the field.

What Are The Common Car Detailing Services Out There?

Exterior Detailing:

1- For washing and drying, this process is done manually to make sure every part of the car, with a high-pressure sprayer and specialized agents, the whole car would be cleaned out of dust and debris, then it’ll be wiped down.

2- Paint Claying, as clay bars remove dirt, contaminants, pollen; this step is extremely important to make sure that the previous wash is preserved by a layer of clay after wash.

3- Polishing and Waxing: Polishing is done by using abrasive chemicals that clean off the car paint and remove scratches. Sealing/Waxing involves adding a layer of resistant polymer wax to give the car a glossy shine and a new showroom look, something that a lot of dealerships around Montreal are striving to have!

Interior Detailing:

1- Vacuuming: Seats, carpets, mats, rear cargo area, and trunk are vacuumed to clean dirt.

2- Scrubbing mats, carpets and seats is important to remove any stubborn stains that ruin the prestigious look of your vehicle.

3- Steam Cleaning, using a high temperature steam cleaner to remove all the dust and debris that’s been stuck to the car’s interior is a big step towards overall detailing and a like-new look.

Now there are some additional services that most contractors can make, but we provide our customers the best deals and offers often, especially during the holiday season since Christmas is on the doors! 

Ceramic Coating, paint correction, paint protection film, and more services can be done to take your car to the next level of looking new and fresh off the showroom.

Why is Detailing that Important anyways?

Now for one, it saves money in the long run, since no one in Canada wants to get a rusty old car for a cheap price. Keeping it cared for and cleaned can give the car a boost in price value even if its been years in service. Secondly, it satisfies customers especially when it comes to big dealerships around Montreal with thousands of customers rushing in daily to check for hot offers and deals! They’ll immediately buy cars that look shiny and healthy.

Finally, your clean car could protect your health by removing allergens and pollen. Also, keeping the interior clean means the vehicle will remain odor free, which will help keep you satisfied while driving!